About Us

Whilst recently changing in cricket, netball, soccer and surfing many female sports have struggled to gain any normalisation with Men`s sports and within rugby this is no different and if anything historically Australia has been a very poor comparison with many Women`s sports. Our only excuse is not starting the change process earlier.

A humbling experience came from a 15 year old front row forward breaking her leg in the Sydney Women`s 2013 grand final. Being admitted to a Children`s hospital ward and the family truly not having the money to get her home to the western suburbs of Sydney. This is not an isolated case of players this young whilst physically capable to participate at the highest level but needing support to even attend training.

The founders of this Foundations firstly come from within the rugby family, love the Women`s game and truly wish to see Women in sport have equal opportunities to men. ARU Reference groups have met since 2011 with little progress. Changes at the ARU whilst positive long term are not getting across the line in the short term for Women and grass roots rugby.